tirsdag 6. juni 2017

Cosplay on a budget May Challenge

Following up on the 100NOK/10USD/10EUR cosplay challenge. The theme for May was Studio Ghibli. Since it is only a little over a month until I have to have my NCC costume done I didn't have time to work on it now. 

So my temporary contribution is my Monokoke Hime closet cosplay from last year (The closet cosplay challenge)

But What I really wanted to make was Granmamare from Ponyo. And I know my sister has a dream of making Fujimoto

fredag 2. juni 2017

Cosplay on a budget March Challenge

March was so full of Mass Effect Andromeda Hype that the 100NOK/10EUR/10USD challenge theme was simply space. Since I was deep into making my Andromeda PJ's I didn't have time to make another costume. And the MEA PJ's would have been way over budget (fabric is expensive). 

But I really want to do an MEA Asari look. I have a lot of MEA apparel and I have enough latex to make a new headpiece out on my old mold. This will happen later :) Maybe in the style of Captain Atandra or Sarissa Theris chilling out after a mission?

torsdag 1. juni 2017

Cosplay on a Budget April Challenge

Following up on the 100NOK/10USD/10EUR cosplay challenge. The theme for April was both marvel and Alice in wonderland. Since I made two superheroes for the DC challenge, I wanted to go for Alice this time. Then again, I have a lot of Alice costumes already. 

For the I put together half pieces of the Silk Maiden dress I have wanted to make for ages from Alice Madness Returns. I had the Wig, knife and necklace from the Misstiched dress, And the dress is from my Steampunk Geisha

I have also made several cheap costumes from the Alice universe earlier.

The Red Queen
My main cost for this cosplay was a pack of cards and some cheap red fabric. The crown, wig and makeup I already had :)

Steampunk Alice
One of my Alice look was the steampunk interpretation. The main cost was for the blue fabric for the skirt and hat. The hat itself is made from cardboard, the wig was old and the corset was from my Big Sister cosplay. 

onsdag 24. mai 2017

Piper Wright - Fallout 4

I was invited to go to a car cemetary in Sweden, which would be the perfect setting for my Fallout cosplay. But if we were going to drive all that way I thought why not bring two costumes. And Piper has been on my list for a while. 

I bought a cheap leather coat, added an extra collar and used a sanding machine to weater it. Here's the hem of the jacket before and after. 

I also found a free pattern for sewing a "news boy cap". 

The rest of the costume was bits and pieces I had around the house. The scarf was actually a second hand skirt which I cut into smaller strips. 

All photos are taken and edited by JL cosplay Studio and reflective.photography. 

tirsdag 23. mai 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda - Pyjamas

In the days waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda I wanted to make the PJ version of Cora Harper outfit on board the Tempest. I later want to make her wig and full outfit, but let's start with the PJ. 

Fabirc Hunting

Making the Top

Patterning out the shoulder

Shoulders are made form heat formed foam covered in white jersey. 


Shading is done with markers. A pristine white suit is kinda boring. 

PJ Bottoms
Staring with the knees. Heat formed foam again covered with jersey. 

There are a lot of belts here. Made for faux leather and bias tape. 

The hip belt is padded with 2 mm foam. Added 5 mm dome rivets for detailing and shaded with grey markers. 

 Lastly some selfies from Unicon where Karin Olava and I first wore our space PJ. Now I really want to wear this together with an Asari makeup <3

And some finished photos. All photos and editing are done my JL Cosplay Studio and Reflective.photography. Paladin Gun is made by Haerverk.

 Reflective.photography being sneaky from the side

And always more fun with space diva Karin Olava Effects.